BHP: Why Should You Care About Privacy?

Why should you care about privacy?

Privacy is a human right that everyone deserves to have. In a world without privacy, people are different than they are normally. Not to mention that lack of privacy is a backdoor into freedom of speech (as said by The_Hated_0ne)
Everyone already cares about their privacy. They simply don't extend that to their online life. We keep doors on our rooms, blinds on our windows, and curtains on our showers. So why is it that people don't 'care' about the fact that most of their private life is on the internet, and publicly accessible by anyone with access to the servers?

Convienence. If you look at many reasons people don't bother even switching from Google Chrome or the search engine, it is that they believe it to be inconvienent. I was the same way myself. Here we at Black Hat Privacy will do our best to cover all threat models, from those where convienence trumps, to those where you want not even the feds viewing your data.